Plush Toys with Purpose
Plush Toys With Purpose

Axol & Friends is a socially-conscious startup that designs characters in the image of endangered plant and animal life. Our goal is to raise awareness of rare endangered species while also raising money to empower youth to be activists and environmental conservationists.


Axol is an rare species of salamander native to Mexico, and the main character in our series of children's storybooks. Sadly, Axol and their friends are endangered, but there's still time! Click to read more about our movement and the animals that inspired us!

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pangolin the worlds most trafficked animal

A portion of every sale is donated to our youth empowerment programs, because we believe kids can change the world! We currently have programs in Mexico and Thailand.


Axol loves adventures and making new friends. We keep a blog of our travels, upcoming events, and new products. Check out some recent stories!

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